SWAPA pilot and CAPA

Editors Notes in italics. This man was President of SWPA and now is involved with CAPA.

From: “Carl Kuwitzky”
Date: Wed, Apr 18, 2012 2:39 pm
Subject: phone call
To: “Gen West”

Editors Note: …Shortened for brevity…

From the CAPA perspective (Editors note: Coallition of Airline Pilot Associations), having 28,000+ union pilots as members gives me a platform as President to collectively address our legislative issues. From an independent union leader perspective, being an independent allows your group to focus squarely on YOUR issues without the encumbrance of a national union, ala ALPA. IBT as I mentioned allows their locals to act with a high degree of autonomy and may offer a good alternative to being an independent. I know the IBT airline division director and he has a solid labor background.

On another note, if your group is going to organize, CAPA offers an excellent avenue for an independent to press forward on legislative issues. If your group is organized as a “pilot association”, meaning not formally recognized by the NMB, I could offer an invitation to a CAPA BoD meetings open session to see what we do and meet the members of our BoD. Please advise if your leadership would be interested in that.

Here is our website link in order to see more of what we do and our membership. http://www.capapilots.org/


Capt. Carl Kuwitzky