Will the IBT will spend our dues wisely?

These are DEC 2011 QUOTES from a website set up by IBT members. www.tdu.org/2011salaryreport

123 Teamster officials made over $150,000 in salary in 2010; 35 made over $200,000.”

“When Hoffa first ran for office, he promised to “cut and cap” salaries at $150,000 and limit perks, but he has not lived up to that promise. Instead, he greatly increased the number of multiple salaries, and invented new perks, including for himself.” Note: Hoffa is the IBT’s President.

“It is only members who are kept in the dark when the union hides information, whether about contracts, members’ rights, grievance precedents, or union finances. “

“John Perry’s Multiple Salaries: Perry was busted by the IRB for embezzlement, hiring felon JoJo Burhoe to control hiring, and suppressing members’ rights. Hoffa knew about the violations—and spent more than $100,000 paying Perry an extra salary while the scandal was public.” Note: John Perry is one of those IBT leaders mentioned earlier ….